Why does Namo keep crying about majority seats in the Rajya Sabha when he can approve laws in a joint session just like A.B. Vajpayee passed POTA?
What is meant by national law?
If a company breaks labour law but inserts a ‘you can’t sue, can’t talk’ clause in the bullied worker’s contract, can the company get away with it?
Let’s say I have evidence which shows me committing a certain crime, and the case is brought to court. Am I required to reveal that evidence, or would that be self-incrimination according to the 5th Amendment?
Si une victime signale une fraude majeure en matière de propriété intellectuelle et financière au MJ et au FBI, combien de temps faut-il habituellement pour recevoir une réponse?
Which rights does the US Constitution protect for people who are not US citizens?